Just call me Grumplestiltskin

I donno what I've been told... OH SHUT UP! Cheerful exercise is for other people.

I’m not known for my cheerful nature. (The boien just read that over my shoulder and chirped me… “What? I thought you were known as the happy little smurf! Tra-la-lalalala!” To which I say “Smartass.”)

Exercise is oneof those things that brings out the grump pretty quickly. Oh, I’ll exercise. I’ll get that job done. I’ll do what I can to avoid bailing early. But don’t freaking ask me to be cheerful, smiley, or chipper about the process.

In fact, I’d rather not speak for the duration, if I can avoid it. My brain more or less shuts off once I reach a certain point of exertion, and processing speech/comprehension is one of the first things to go.

And don’t even THINK about getting me to sing to set a running pace (you know who you are!).

So, you can imagine how this morning’s 6.5 km country-block run-walk went. Even the dog was tired when it was over, and that takes some effort.

In other news, trying to avoid push-ups today. Calm. Zen. CAAAAALM. But mostly ow. Amazing how a little muscle pain can convince me to behave myself. At least, so far.

Posted by Opal

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