2017 Finish-a-Long

2017 FAL – Q1

My big list of projects for the 2017 Finish-A-Long.

I hate clutter. Despite my attempts to keep my quilting projects corralled, the fabric and other supplies are stocking up. Therefore, I’m taking part in the 2017 Finish-A-Long to try to get a whole lot of space back.

This list is way too big for Q1. Probably even for the first half of the year! I figured I’d just make the big list and work my way through it. Maybe I can surprise myself.

1. Gravity Quilt A (done)

This one’s due February 1, so it MUST be finished!
The top is assembled, this is waiting on my longarm quilting appointment.

Gravity Quilt Top

2. Gravity Quilt B (done)

This one’s more flexible, but I’m also making it due February 1, so it MUST be finished!
The top is assembled, this is waiting on my longarm quilting appointment.

The OTHER Gravity Quilt Top

3. Romy’s One Block Wonder Quilt (done)

This one’s a birthday gift due in June. I’d like to have it done in Q1 so I’m not scrambling.

One block wonder

4. Karen’s Log Cabin Quilt

Started in 2000 by Karen, it’s languished in a closet for about 16 years … then it moved to my house to be procrastinated on here! Karen comes home in June, so I’d like to get this one done before she returns.

Some of the blocks are done

Some of the blocks are done

5. Rainbow Quilt 2

I have so much left over from the first rainbow quilt that I figured I would make a second one. I have about 50% of the blocks assembled. Part of the problem with this one is figuring out what layout to use for the HST blocks. I think I may stick with classic zigzag.

Just playing around with different layout options … which leads to too many options!

6. Mom’s Stash Quilt, #3

Quilt 1 and 2 were so loved that a third is requested. Mom’s stash of fabric is still going, even after making King and Queen quilts… maybe the third will be the end of the suitcase of fabric?

Mom’s Stash

7. Night Sky Quilt

I loved this quilt the moment I saw it. I bought the fabric for a Queen quilt and then did nothing. Time to fix that!

Night Sky

8. Blue Lucky Star Quilt

I bought all of the fabric to make the quilt top for a friend. Then he stalled and so did I. I want to get it done and out of storage.

Blue Lucky Star Fabrics

9. & 10. Gravity Quilt C & D

I had so much fun with the Gravity Quilts I decided to make more. I bought the Kona kits… which are now hogging valuable storage space.

More Gravity Quilts

11. Star Table Runner for Karen (done)

7′ long Christmas runner. Due for when Karen comes home in June.

Another Table runner in fabric only

12. Branches Table Runner for Karen

7′ long Christmas runner. Due for when Karen comes home in June.

Branches table runner

13. Star Table Runner for family

Christmas runner. Due for spring.

Half-finished table runner

14. Lotus Palette Table Runner Quilt Kit

OK, can we be honest? I hate this project. The applique makes me want to fly to pieces. I need this table runner out of my life!

Matti with the only completed block

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Camille Lechliter

Two!! Gravity quilts! And more on the way? I’ve had one for a year now and I haven’t started it. I’m going to use you as inspiration!

Can’t wait to see your Gravity Quilt, Camille! Did you buy the kit or are you using yardage?

Camille Lechliter

If #14 makes you so angry, give yourself permission to chuck it. Give the block to a friend as a medallion or put it on the give away table at Guild. You are in charge you know!

Excellent advice. I think I may just give it the heave-ho 🙂


Quite a list! But a very colourful one! Best of luck with your Q1 finishes. Jxo

Thank you, Judith!

Good luck finishing your projects – you have so many wonderful projects. I love the look of the gravity quilt – Ive never seen one before.

The Gravity quilts are really fun to make – the instructions are excellent 🙂

I’m so impressed with all those Gravity Quilts! Seriously. I’ve had one on my “want to do one day” list and you have two done and plans for two more! Way to go!

I also agree with ditching the last project. I did that last year with something and it was so freeing. I wasn’t enjoying working on it and that’s not how I wanted to spend my free time. It will make someone else’s day too, I bet.

Thank you! 🙂 I LOVE the Gravity Quilts. They’re so much fun to put together and the colours make me happy. Now if I could just get my free motion quilting up to speed for this, I’d be set.

I keep thinking that if I learn how to applique properly, I won’t mind it so much. But perhaps I should just admit I don’t like it!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m stunned by how many projects you have on your lists, and they are awesome. Can’t wait to see some finishes.

It’s kind of an embarrassingly long list for me … I can’t believe it got so out of hand!