I'm small, blunt, bold, and terribly useful. I build websites, specializing in compliant CSS and HTML. I like quilting, cars, and critters.
I'm small, blunt, bold, and terribly useful. I build websites, specializing in compliant CSS and HTML. I like quilting, cars, and critters.


Monday really, really sucked.

Tuesday wasn’t remotely good.

Today? Today is FIRED.

My pushup count should probably be at 150, rather than 15.

The massage? It hurt. A lot. Own fault, I didn’t cry uncle.

Work was awful. Terrible with a side of expensive.

Bath, bed. Already indulged on the beer front.

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My chiropractor announced, yesterday, upon my third visit to her office in a week, that I should get myself to one of the office massage therapists. Pronto.

To say I don’t like going to a massage therapy appointment is an understatement.

Some people dread needles; I dread massages.

Last night was a rough night (not due to impending massage appointments). I was awake a lot because my back muscles wouldn’t relax.

Tonight, I’m armed with Robax. Here’s hoping there’s some decent sleep.

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What I do when you’re not here

  • 3 loads of laundry
  • change the bed clothes
  • clean the bathroom sink
  • clean the toilet
  • vacuum the house, including the furniture and curtains that had cat fur on them
  • clean the ceiling lights in the bedroom
  • reattach the cover someone left off the electrical panel, which has been pissing me off for almost 2 weeks
  • patched the hole in the diningroom  ceiling
  • removed the nails from that piece of trim and put it back in place
  • disposed of the dead mouse behind the grill in the entry way
  • fed/watered the dog and cleaned up the dog bowls
  • processed the small pile of business receivables
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An exercise in ‘do it anyway’

An exercise in ‘do it anyway’

I woke up exhausted, sore, and angry. All I wanted to do was grab some coffee and go review that anger for awhile. Maybe even sulk.

Instead I forced myself to eat a proper breakfast.

I know everything comes unglued when I don’t eat properly and regularly, but my first inclination when stressed is to give up food. I can’t control anything else, so I’ll control what I eat.

Meanwhile, the issue at play, leading me down the path of pissed-offed-ness,  is one of balanced effort. It’s my perception that I put in significantly more effort into most interactions than the other side of the equation. Which basically turns me into a 3 year old stamping her feet screaming “ITS NOT FAIR!” because I put in work and get no praise for it (business as usual) while the other parties get attention and pats on the head for even showing up. Or better, get out of jail free cards when they behave badly, where I get read the riot act.

No, Opal, it’s not fair. But you’re still eating breakfast. Followed by proper snacks, lunch, and dinner. Other people’s bad behaviour doesn’t change the fact I need to do what is right for me. No matter what that little inner voice of WeDon’tEatVille claims.

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Almost normal. Whatever that means

After chiropractor round 2 yesterday, I’m feeling somewhat ok today. I hope this continues.

Of course, I’ve spent the day fixing all of the things I messed up yesterday while in a fog. Lovely.

Diet’s gone off the rails. Mood’s through the floorboards.

Suddenly it’s very easy to see how I had to begin again.

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Hump day.

My left shoulder and neck are killing me, with sharp, stabby objections to movement. My day went into stressful hell at approximately 8 am, right after I sat down from my morning walk with Misha.

While I’m trying to stick to my diet, there’s 1/4 of a protein shake on my desk from 10 am. (I ate lunch, for the record.)

I’m now on my second glass of wine, because I seriously cannot take the pain or the stress any more.

Oddly, I’m feeling more motivated than when I was stone sober and trying to figure things out. It may actually end up that I’m more productive with a few drinks in me, and I’d be worried about judgement, but let’s be honest: most of us worked out that we were better slightly sloshed in University. It’s nearly a decade later, but the Balmer Peak still holds, you know?

I’m in project manager hell, wherein to get projects going and on schedule, I need to dedicate a significant amount of time to management, schedule and explaining. Meanwhile, I have code to develop, corrections to roll out, people to disappoint, and a list of clients that need attention.

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