Spots and stripes

I have a little problem with my skin. I’ve been pretty secretive about it over the years, which is pretty pointless given that it’s in full display for anyone who looks at me. I have acne.

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Protected: That familiar feeling

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Real Women

How to make me go from zero to pissed off in less than 1 second … post a photo of a woman (any woman) and caption it with “this is what a REAL woman looks like.”

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Time …

Two days ago, upon the purchase of a little iPhone app – Yes, I bought an iPhone. Shut up. – called Sleep Cycle, I decided it was time to forcably haul myself out of this idiotic rut. And so, I’ve been getting up before 5:30 am, which is nothing short of miraculous when you consider that I’ve been getting out of bed between 7 and 8 for the last month. Continue reading →

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Sew Strange

I fell off of my own bandwagon of plans and re-working life in a big way. I admit it.

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It’s worth noting

I have the urge to sew things because I want something achievable that I can walk away from a few hours later and say “look at what I accomplished!”

The result of that work is a physical thing that exists, has purpose, and has beauty.

Coding is its own high, its own challenge. But I rarely feel like it’s appreciated beyond “done.” (And worse, that it often never achieves “done”!)

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