Today? Today is FIRED.

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My chiropractor announced, yesterday, upon my third visit to her office in a week, that I should get myself to one of the office massage therapists. Pronto.

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What I do when you’re not here

  • 3 loads of laundry
  • change the bed clothes
  • clean the bathroom sink
  • clean the toilet
  • vacuum the house, including the furniture and curtains that had cat fur on them
  • clean the ceiling lights in the bedroom
  • reattach the cover someone left off the electrical panel, which has been pissing me off for almost 2 weeks
  • patched the hole in the diningroom  ceiling
  • removed the nails from that piece of trim and put it back in place
  • disposed of the dead mouse behind the grill in the entry way
  • fed/watered the dog and cleaned up the dog bowls
  • processed the small pile of business receivables
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An exercise in ‘do it anyway’

An exercise in ‘do it anyway’

I woke up exhausted, sore, and angry. All I wanted to do was grab some coffee and go review that anger for awhile. Maybe even sulk.

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Hump day.

My left shoulder and neck are killing me, with sharp, stabby objections to movement. My day went into stressful hell at approximately 8 am, right after I sat down from my morning walk with Misha.

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